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Departmental Activities


  • Organised Guest Lecture on Law of Sea pertaining to the occasion of World Ocean Day.
  • Conducted Hands-on-Training Workshop on ‘Animal Research with special reference to Human Pathology’ under DBT STAR Scheme.
  • Organised one-day visit to Byculla Zoo and Natural History Museum, CSMT for M.Sc. Zoology students.


  • The Department of Zoology in association with DBT STAR College Scheme had conducted Online National level Quiz on “ Molecular Biology” on 29th June, 2020 and “Biodiversity” on 6th July, 2020 for students, faculties, academicians and research scholars.
  • The Department of Zoology designed a Short-term Course on Sustainability of by-products from Fisheries and techniques of Ornamental Fish Culture.
  • Organized Skill Development Course on “Commercial Fish Culture and Entrepreneurship” from 15th May, 2021 to 30th May, 2021.
  • On the occasion of ‘World Ocean Day-2021’, the Department of Zoology organized a Lecture by Principal, Dr. B.B. Sharma on 8th June, 2021.


  • Workshop on Algal Biotechnology was conducted by Department of Botany from 4th July to 6th July 2019 for T.Y.B.Sc. Biotechnology students.
  • Workshop on “Separation of Plant Pigments by Column Chromatography” conducted for T. Y. B. Sc students on 30th July 2019.
  • Star College activity on “Differentiation between Original drugs and its substituents on basis of morphology, anatomy and secondary metabolite content” was conducted for S. Y.B. Sc students, on 8th August 2019.
  • One day workshop on “Spectrophotometric analysis of plant pigments separated by column chromatography” was organised for T. Y. B. Sc and S. Y. B. Sc on 20th August 2019.
  • One Day Workshop on Preparation of Herbal cosmetic was organised for the S.Y.B.Sc students on 28th August 2019
  • Visit to Cosmetology And Perfumery Laboratory was organized on 28th August 2019.
  • Field visit was organised for T. Y. B. Sc students to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Yeoor on 19th September 2019.
  • Lecture on “Preparation of Human Karyotpyes” was organized for F. Y. B. Sc students on 23rd September 2019.
  • Lecture on “ Chromosomal Abberations” was organised for S. Y. B. Sc students on 27th September 2019.
  • Lecture on Biotechnological Potential For Marine Algae was conducted on under Star College Activity on 7th October 2019.
  • Organised Field visit to Dattaji Salvi Udyan (Botanical Garden) for S.Y.B.Sc. Students on 23rd January 2020
  • Organised excursion to Amboli for T. Y. B. Sc students to Study of the plant diversity in Amboli region from 28th January 2020 to 1st Feb 2020.
  • Organised Science Exhibition for BMC School children under Star College Activity on 8th February 2020.
  • Workshop on “Hands on training in Plant Tissue Culture”, organized for S. Y. B. Sc students from 12th February to 15th February 2020
  • Guest Lecture by Dr. Kshitij Satardekar (Head R&D, Colgate Palmolive) on “Natural ingredients” was organized under star college activity for the S. Y. B. Sc students on 15th February 2020.
  • Visit to college garden for collection and observation of aromatic and medicinal plants and study of epidermal outgrowths and glandular structures” for F.Y.B.Sc. Students was conducted on 25th & 27th February 2020.
  • Visit to Chintamanrao Deshmukh Garden, Mulund: For study of Formal gardens on 28th February 2020 for S.Y.B.Sc students.
  • Star activity for F.Y.B.Sc students on “Mounting and observation of bundle sheaths in grasses” was conducted on 3rd March 2020.