Principal’s Desk

“Enfold Challenges and Emerge with Opportunities”
Prof. (Dr.) Preeta Nilesh, Principal
Education drives out ignorance and emboldens us towards studied thought and action. Education empowers and energises. Education is undoubtedly, an effective medium of social transformation. It is education that helps shape careers and contributes to nation building.
Vaze College, dedicated to the academic progression of students and health and safety of the community, is the dream come true of the commitment to education of its founder Chairman, Shri Bhausaheb Kelkar. With a strong research oriented faculty having a progressive and futuristic outlook, it is our endeavour to take ahead his vision of social transformation through education. We are obligated to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders including students, parents and society at large.

At Vaze College, we offer our students an encouraging and intellectually stimulating environment that will inspire and energise them to think critically and empower them to become leaders. We provide them with a disciplined, supportive and flexible academic atmosphere. Curricular and co-curricular activities and skill based courses are designed to ensure academic performance of a high degree, provide a hands-on training and inculcate values of humility and empathy. We support creative thinking and decision making and help students to know their potentials and follow their goals. We train them with life skills and help in shaping the impressionable young minds ensuring that they aim high and are prepared to face the global market having a holistic and 360 degree understanding of their own mindset.

I am of the firm belief that challenges have to be considered as opportunities and Autonomy to be looked at optimistically as a new beginning for quality enhancement. Use of social media and ICT for modifying pedagogy, use of blended learning and hybrid learning are here to stay and we need to make best use of all learnings.
There is an urgent need to build a next generation of leaders -homegrown, that understands the grassroots of our Institution and are prepared for the Next Normal- coming out of the traditional fold and taking up new challenges head on.
Towards this, my team and I hope to strive.
My best wishes to all students at Vaze College for a very happy learning experience and best wishes for their endeavors!