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  • Prof. Dr. Suresh Shendage(Head, Dean, Science, and Nodal Office NEP and ABC)
  • Dr. Alka Kolhatkar (Controller of Examination)
  • Dr. Ashok Awale(Coordinator, STAR Scheme, UGC and FIST)
  • Dr. Paresh More(Director, Research and Development)
  • Ms. Khalida Shaikh
  • Dr. Preeti Dwivedi


FYBSC NEP 2023 2024

FYBSC 2020

SYBSC 2020

FYBSC NEP 2023 2024


Departmental Activities


  • Two guest lectures were arranged for M. Sc. Part 2 students on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).


  • An online quiz in chemistry was organized between 20 to 22nd June 2020 on ‘Basic Fundamentals in Chemistry’.
  • Two days webinar on ‘Quantum Mechanics’ and ‘Principles of Symmetry’ was organized online on 13th and 14th July 2020.
  • Under the DBT star scheme, a four days virtual learning programme was organized by ‘Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Science’ under the heading ‘National Science series: Igniting young Minds’ between 4th to 7th Aug 2020.
  • A virtual Industrial visit to Thermax Industry was arranged online on 24october 2020 between 4 to 5.30 pm.
  • An online National level level webinar on ‘Fundamentals of Applied Nanotechnology (Chemical spects) organised onFriday 21st May 21 .Dr,Deepa Khushlani from TIFR delivered the talk.
  • A presentation on ‘Careers in Chemistry after B.Sc’ was organised on 24th May 2021 in association with Career Guidance committee.


  • Two day workshop on Stereochemistry for PG students was conducted with RSC on 30th and 31st August, 2019. Prof. A.V.Karnik former H.O.D. Chemistry Depatment , Mumbai University was the resource person.
  • Three day workshop on Pericyclic reactions for PG students was conducted with RSC on 13th ,16st and 17th Sept, 2019. Prof. Santosh Gharpure and Dr. Nandita Madhavan, IIT were the resource persons.
  • Three day lecture series was conducted from 3rd Oct to 5th Oct, 2019. Stereochemistry, Physical organic chemistry and aromaticity and nucleophilic substitutions were the topics covered. Dr. Gail Carneno, Dr.Gomathi Shridhar, Dr.Lahsmy Ravishankar were the resource persons.
  • Two day PG lecture series on Organic Chemistry topics was conducted on 14th Oct to 16th Oct, 2019. Dr.Gomathi Shridhar and Dr.Lahsmy Ravishankar were the resource persons.

DBT Star Activities of chemistry department

  • A Guest lecture on ‘Marching towards Moon’ was organized on 18th Sept, 2019. Dr. Suhas Naik Satam of Nehru Planetarium was the resource person.165students attended the lecture.
  • A Workshop on Antimicrobial Activity was conducted from 25th Nov to 29th Nov, 2019.
  • A lecture by Prof.Vadgama form Queens Mary University delivered a lecture on “Transducers and affinity biomolecules – diversity in biosensor design.”on 27th Jan 2020.
  • The SYBSc students were explained the technique of steam distillation,vacuum distillation solvent extraction etc. etc between 23rd Sept 2019 to 28th Sept 2019.
  • FYBSc students were introduce to the process of working out of the instruments like colorimeter, pH meter, conductometer etc between 2nd March 2020 to 7th March 2020.
  • An industrial visit was arranged between 29th Jan 2020 to 31st Jan 2020 under the leadership of Dr.G.G Pusalkar at Shel-Pimpalgaon in Pune district and at sugar factory in Karad, Satara district.