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Departmental Activities

FYBA NEP 2024 2025

FYBA 2020

SYBA NEP 2024 2025


The Department organised

  • अक्षरयात्री वैखरी भित्तिफलकाचे प्रातिभासिक अनावरण – वाचन प्रेरणा दिनविशेष.
  • वाचन प्रेरणा दिन.
  • अक्षरयात्री वैखरी भित्तिफलकाचे प्रातिभासिक अनावरण – महात्मा फुले स्मृतीदिन आणि संविधान दिनविशेष.
  • अक्षरयात्री वैखरी भित्तिफलकाचे प्रातिभासिक अनावरण – मुक्त विषय.
  • वाचनकट्टा – वर्ष तिसरे पुष्प पहिले.
  • अक्षरयात्री वैखरी भित्तिफलकाचे प्रातिभासिक अनावरण – मुक्त विषय.
  • प्रश्नमंजुषा स्पर्धा.
  • A talk on मराठीतील अंकीय ज्ञानस्त्रोत.
  • वाचनकट्टा – वर्ष तिसरे पुष्प दुसरे.
  • अक्षरयात्री वैखरी भित्तिफलकाचे प्रातिभासिक अनावरण- प्रजासत्ताक दिन व मराठी भाषा संवर्धन पंधरवडा दिनविशेष.
  • A talk on ‘माध्यमांच्या माध्यमातून..’.
  • A guest lecture on गझलवारी.
  • मराठी भाषा संवर्धन पंधरवडा समारोप विशेष कार्यक्रम – मराठीतून स्पर्धा परीक्षा मार्गदर्शन.
  • वाचनकट्टा – वर्ष तिसरे,पुष्प तिसरे.
  • मराठी भाषा गौरवदिन निमित्त विशेष कार्यक्रम “ माझा मराठीची बोलू कौतुके.. गुरु-शिष्य संवादे”.


  • In August 2019, the FYBA Literature students watched “Pride and Prejudice”, while the SY students watched “Byomkesh : The Quill of the Porcupine”, and “The Old Man and the Sea”
  • Students won several prizes in Inter-College competitions and also read their own poems in Open Mics at many events, in August, September, December and January.
  • In September 2019 the PhD interviews for eight six aspiring students was held, out of whom two were selected.
  • In November the TY students watched “1984” and “David Copperfield” as part of the learning enrichment programme.
  • TYBA students put up a performance of an adaptation of the Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet ’, called ‘Romeo and Rosalind’, on 14th February 2020.
  • The Alumni Meet was held on 8th March, 2020, in which 70 students and teachers of the department came from far and near to bid farewell to Dr Susmita Dey who retired as Head.
  • Dr Nilakshi Roy took over as Head from 1st April 2020, though it was effective only from 21st June 2020 due to the lockdown.